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Are you HAPPY and


with your life, just the way it is? 

… or do you feel like something’s missing?

Do you ever
LifeSight Coaching

Do you ever feel like you're not quite living the life you want? Like, something always seems to get in the way of you doing things that you really enjoy, or making progress on the goals you'd like to achieve?

Such as…


  • Having a more fulfilling love relationship

  • Feeling physically and emotionally healthy

  • Successfully balancing your career and personal life

  • Enjoying more self-confidence in your daily life

  • Navigating through an important life transition

  • Experiencing a greater sense of inner peace

  • Discovering (or re-discovering) something you're truly passionate about

If this describes you, you’re definitely not alone! 

Many people experience these kinds of challenges, and it can be difficult to know how to go about making these changes…

or even find someone who will truly listen to you.

Welcome to LifeSight Coaching

LifeSight Coaching can help you explore areas of your life that may not be operating as smoothly as you’d like. Through engaging dialogue, empathetic listening and expansive exercises, we’ll work together to identify the things that you truly want, and create a practical, workable and step-by-step action plan that can help turn your life… into the life you want!  

About LifeSight Coaching

LifeSight Coaching was created to help individuals identify and to take positive action on their goals, passions and interests that may have put on hold for many months, or many years!  

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Why LifeSight Coaching?

Traditional coaching methods often focus on changing external behaviors to bring about positive life changes. This approach, known as the "outside-in" model, is certainly helpful, however it does have its limitations.  It can overlook the inner struggles, negative thoughts, patterns and self-limiting beliefs that a client may have, which can then undermine the very progress they are trying to make. 


LifeSight Coaching also works with clients utilizing an "inside-out" model, which can help them to recognize any such negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that may be dwelling within their mental, emotional, physical or spiritual states of being.

By using both the outside-in and inside-out approaches, LifeSight Coaching can help clients move forward on their wants, needs and goals, while also shedding light on any inner obstacles that could subconsciously show up in the form of blocks, fears, procrastination or self-sabotage.

About Jeff Friedman

Founder of LifeSight Coaching

I'm a warm, caring life coach deeply committed to helping individuals live a happier and more fulfilling life. I received a certification in Integrative Wellness Life Coaching from the Integrative Wellness Academy, and I specialize in helping clients to gain/re-gain control over their lives and to achieve the meaningful changes they desire to make. My coaching practice mirrors a unique blend of wisdom, empathy, compassion, and expertise.

From a professional perspective, I have experienced and enjoyed many diverse chapters throughout my career, including working for a French marketing agency to create promotional and educational events for French foods, wines, and spirits throughout the US, overseeing the development of promotional premiums for Oscar Mayer and Lunchables brands, developing websites, email campaigns and e-commerce sites for consumer products and leading digital marketing initiatives within the pharmaceutical industry.

As for my personal life, I am a father of two lovely daughters  and, although my 25-year marriage ended in divorce several years ago, I maintain a positive and harmonious relationship with my Ex.  I also work with students from around the world as an online ESL tutor, am a keyboardist and vocalist performing at both public and private venues for the past 16 years, am fluent in French language and passionate about cooking, fitness and travel.


I embody a rich array of life experience, knowledge, wisdom, empathy and passion that continue to enrich both my professional and personal life. I look forward to the possibility of working with you and helping you create the life you've always desired.

Jeff Friedman - Integrative Wellness Life Coach
Jeff Friedman
Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Founder of LifeSight Coaching

The LifeSight Coaching Process

The LifeSight Coaching process helps clients achieve their goals and objectives efficiently, effectively, and within the shortest possible timeframe.

Step 1

 Begin Your Self-Discovery Journey

We begin the process with a comprehensive self-discovery exercises that can help you to uncover your true wants and needs.  These exercises can also  help uncover any areas of your life that may be out of balance within your life. 

Step 2

Who You Truly Are

We’ll discuss in detail the findings of the exercises and identify what’s working well, and what’s not working as well as you’d like in areas of your life, such as mental, emotional, physical and other key aspects of your life that make you, YOU.


Step 3

Define Your Priorities

Next,  we’ll then begin to explore and refine the wants, needs, and goals that are missing from your life and prioritize them based on those that are most important to you.   


Step 4

Your Life-Action Plan

Together, we’ll then co-create a practical, step-by-step life-action plan that can help lead you toward a future that honors your truest self.


Step 5

Life-Action Plan

Lastly, we’ll connect during follow-up sessions to discuss your progress, identify any roadblocks you may be encountering, and continue to refine your path forward, while celebrating your wins (big or small) along the way!

See how working with LifeSight Coaching can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. 


I have been working with Jeff Friedman from LifeSight Coaching for over a year now, and I can honestly say that he has been instrumental in helping me open up my mind and develop actionable improvement plans, both professionally and personally. Jeff's guidance and support have been invaluable to me, and I have seen significant growth and positive changes in various aspects of my life as a result of our sessions. His insightful coaching style and genuine commitment to my success have truly made a difference.

I highly recommend Jeff and LifeSight Coaching to anyone looking to make positive changes and achieve their goals.

~ Anabel M

Jeff is an intuitive and compassionate coach who has helped guide me towards finding confidence and balance in my career and life. His insightful advice for building my business has been transformative and fruitful. The added bonus of his guidance on how to create more balance between my professional and personal lives has helped to give me clarity across all of my life systems. Jeff’s gentle and non judgemental personality made him easy to work with and made the process of change enjoyable.

~ Susan N

Working with Jeff Friedman from Lifesight Coaching was nothing short of transformative. From our very first session, his warmth and genuine care created a safe and comforting space where I could truly be myself.

Jeff didn't just listen; he heard me! He took the time to understand my goals, fears, and aspirations, guiding me with patience and wisdom. Through our conversations and his holistic approach, I found clarity on aspects of my life I hadn't even considered. His insightful questions and gentle challenges helped me figure out limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I can't thank Jeff enough for the impact he's had on my journey.

~ Fernanda T

Compassionate, patient, thorough, innovative, creative, hardworking, and most of all FUN! - Jeff has been a great addition to my routine and has already helped me with several "adulting" issues I was clueless on such as savings and accounts, budgeting, long-term planning, and establishing healthy, positive thinking habits. He challenges me to think in ways I otherwise wouldn't and gives the BEST resources for me to follow up on after my sessions. He also checks in between sessions and answers any questions I have before I see him again. I am very grateful to be working with Jeff and talk very highly of life coaching and of my experience with Jeff to my friends. If you're considering Jeff, try his free first session. You won't regret it!
Matt T

I want to share the profound impact LifeSight Coaching has had on my life, both personally and professionally. From my very first session with Jeff, he demonstrated an extraordinary ability to bring up perspectives and options I hadn't considered. His thought-provoking questions challenged my usual mindset, opening doors in my mind that I didn't even know existed.  Jeff's coaching style extended beyond professional growth; it incorporated for me a fundamental shift in how I was perceiving and navigating my current circumstances. In addition to moving forward on my professional and personal goals, Jeff reminded me to also find peace and appreciation of the present moment. This shift in mindset has cultivated in me a new sense of calm and contentment that has truly improved the quality of my daily life.  

~ Augusto T

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